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Here we Go Again…

Its funny how a month and a half can completely change your plans cost you heaps of cash and have you doing something you never planned….

I’m in a airport leaving again and this time it has come to soon. Normally I’m always looking forwards to that next adventure, to get out conquer the next mountain see whats in store for me. I usually stoked for new experiences and chances to learn. But, this time it comes to quick and carries with it the pain of leaving my friends who are practically family. Friends who have seen me at my worst and stuck beside me. Who have gone through hell and back with me and wouldn’t let me give up. I owe the world to them and probably don’t say thank you enough. I was looking forward to staying in here for awhile. Shredding the slopes with my family and getting caught up, but plans change and I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane again. This time I leave carrying the sorrow of not having enough dinners,and not seeing the bottom of  my coffee cup at three in the morning. Still ordering a refill even though we’ve ran out of words, but the company is worth it. So I’m off to New Haven CT again this time to teach a few days, and then possibly take a Out Reach Team to Kosovo. Then I have no clue what the future holds. Hopefully a tattooing apprenticeship and a trip to Japan to possibly work with Dan Junker  at Northstar outdoor Adventure Camp. I just want to say thankyou to all my friends and family you guys have made it possible for me to be where I’m at now. You guys are close to my heart . I also want to say sorry for not keeping in better contact.


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Pressure cooker

My Friends,

I know some of you who will be reading this post might not understand any of the terminology or even why I live like this. But if nothing else I hope it encourages you to strive for the best and gives you hope for life in general. So let me preface this with the two statments I try to live my life by.
1.) Love God and Love people
2.) Don’t worry about it

With that said right now I feel like I’ve been placed in a pressure cooker and the heats been turned up on it. This is a time of learning I know but when your in it It feels like your struggling to swim kinda like when you catch your edge wake boarding, being slamed by a wave, or wrecking on powder and just tumbling you don’t really know which way is up. You just know to hold on and wait. To keep swimming. I feel like that’s where i’m at right now. Just holding on doin what I know and waiting for some sense of orentation to take hold. Leading a school has been an expierence learning to balance your time between hanging with students, responsiblities, and life in general is trying to say the least.I feel like my time has flown by and I wonder if I’ve missed what God has had instore for me. I try my best to teach a bunch of students how to get closer to God and rely and trust him to care and provide them but after taking a year off from everything I just wonder how much I actually believe it. By that I mean is what I say I believe is just a bunch of ideals and just a really good idea or is it an actual belief and practice in my life… So as the heat is being turned up I’m looking at my life and asking these questions and relizing that some of them are belief and other have slid back down to just an ideal. It’s frustrating. So I guess needless to say I’m trying. And it looks like it will be along road of rebuilding habits and learning to trust, but I do know one thing my God is faithful to complete what he has started in me I’m excited to see what is going to happen inthe future. As I continue through this journey of life trying to stay transparent and real as I continue to fall on my face and pick my self up and not give up to press into God as times get rough and journey gets hard. To trust and know he cares for me. So I guess I’m just asking for your prayers. That have the strength and endurance to press in. The wisdom to teach and meet people where they are at. To be honest with myself. That no matter what discouragment will not come. And that support will start to come in. If you want more specifics email me at living.dead.art@gmail.com or mochachild@gmail.com

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings and hear my heart
~ Dan

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At Long Last

My friends,

Its been awhile I know and I appologize for the lack of posts and updates but life has been extremely busy out here on the east coast more so then this relaxed, laid back snow bum is use to…so let me fill you in on the last few months. So I moved out to New Haven,CT to join Axiom and continue my training under Jeff Pratt (the base leader out here also my friend and mentor). Upon my arrival I was informed that I would be the one of the school leaders for the mercy and justice dts. It kinda shocked me at first especially after taking a year off of everything I was like are sure you want me to lead and well the answer was yes so I stepped up to the plate. Feeling the tension of trying to get myself back on track while trying to teach a bunch of dts students how to seek after G-D… It’s been a fun jurney needless to say I feel strecthed thin as G-D is working in my life and watching the students grow aswell.

Also I help out and manage the space which is one of the only all ages music venues in the area it’s been a great way to engage and meet youth where they are at and also the bands that are impacting them. It’s been a blast working there a little stressful managing the space and leading a dts but some how I find the time and strength to juggle both.

I just want to thank all of you for your friendship, prayers, and support it is blessing to have all of you in my life I don’t know who or where I would be without any of you. To help push pull and carry me through the hard and brutal times in my life. You guys are the best I love and miss all of you

Email: living.dead.art@gmail.com or mochachild@gmail.com

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