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Trying to just BE..

So I’m learning to just be,and live in the moment…I mean I live in the moment most of the time but lately I’ve been thinking about what I could be doing or where I could be going. Instead I need to relax and just BE…. to sit and know that  G-D has my best intentions in mind. I don’t need to be trying to figure out how all the random pieces of Dan or what I think are me fit together. like traveling, playing music and touring, moving to japan, snowboarding, hanging out with people, becoming a tattoo artist, owning a clothing/skate company. Instead of stressing and trying to fit them together. I need to Just BE and let them fall into place on their own. While I just pursue G-D and follow His guidance…Anyways thats what I’ve realized  over the last few days and over a few conversations with close friends.


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