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Trying to just BE..

So I’m learning to just be,and live in the moment…I mean I live in the moment most of the time but lately I’ve been thinking about what I could be doing or where I could be going. Instead I need to relax and just BE…. to sit and know that  G-D has my best intentions in mind. I don’t need to be trying to figure out how all the random pieces of Dan or what I think are me fit together. like traveling, playing music and touring, moving to japan, snowboarding, hanging out with people, becoming a tattoo artist, owning a clothing/skate company. Instead of stressing and trying to fit them together. I need to Just BE and let them fall into place on their own. While I just pursue G-D and follow His guidance…Anyways thats what I’ve realized  over the last few days and over a few conversations with close friends.


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I’m Never Gonna Grow Up…


For as long as I Can remember one of the characters I’ve always wanted to be Peter Pan. Flying around fighting pirates and rescuing forgotten children and finding them homes. Making every day an adventure, playing, having fun, telling stories and laughing. So far its been close to what I would expect, with a few rough patches. Like December 9th 2007 my world was turned up side down and torn to shreds. I don’t think I would of made it if my Heavenly Father wasn’t there to hold me close and tell me he loves me. I’ slowly being restored to the child I was before but know with a little bit more knowledge of living a  broken life. I find i have more compassion for hurting people as I journey through this season of rediscovery find out who I am now and what no longer makes me me. And yes I am never gonna grow up. I will still dream big  and strive for the impossible my Father will be there to catch me when I fall.

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