Don’t take life to serious….

 Over the last year Ive been in a period of re-discovery. Just  trying to live and figure out who I am now after my brief argue with DEATH. Which ended in me giving him the finger and telling him to Fuck off, but he still managed to take the one I love from and leave a huge hole in my heart and life. Out of all of it I’ve learned how much my heavenly father loves me and I’m so thankful that he saved me and allows me to wake up every morning. My friends always said I was gonna be late to my own funeral but I don’t think getting shot in the neck and surviving is what they meant. Also I learned that life is to short to be serious and that you need to do what you love with the one you love



4 responses to “Don’t take life to serious….

  1. she’d be proud dan

  2. This is an interesting blog you have her but I can’t seem to find the RSS subscribe button.

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